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  • Phone 734-641-6560
    Machine Tool, Inc. and Automation
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    Robotic Systems Integration
    • Analyze your robotic system needs and process engineer a plan for turnkey automation
    • Design, build and program manufacturing robots to perform automated manufacturing tasks
    • Robotics from multiple manufacturers like Nachi, OTC...
    • Industry-leading software for ease of use and reliable performance
    • Standard and custom end-of-arm tooling designed and built in-house
    • Robotic Testing, set up, training and service
    • Modular solutions with compact footprints that scale from a single robot to large multi-arm systems
    • Durable materials withstand harsh environments
    20410 Superior Road, Taylor, Michigan 48180, USA, Phone: 734-641-6560, FAX: 734-641-6562, sales@www.wyfs-lsf.com
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